We make people
live a longer and better life

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Our Values

Our commitments, both our own work and the result of our work are based on a long term perspective.

We want to create confidence in the world around us by showing our willingness and our capacity to help.

Win Win Win
Our work takes all parties aspect in consideration, the patients, the staff and the owners and all parties will benefit from our efforts.

Scandinavia represents innovation and we will always look for the latest innovation in all aspects of our work. 

Community benefit
We strive for enduring and evolving relationships with our clients, to increase the social benefits of our work.

SCANDINAVIAN QUALITY CARE AB     Lugnets Alle 56, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN     PHONE: +46 8 411 73 00  FAX: +46 8 411 73 30info@scandinavianqcare.com