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27.10.2009 - Stockholm Days in St. Petersburg

The Swedish delegation was organized by the Stockholm County and lead by the Stockholm Governor Mr. Per Unckel. Scandinavian Quality Care was participating in the Stockholm Days in the Health Care seminar held on the 27th of October 2009 in Smolny.

During these days the president of Scandinavian Quality Care, Mr. Johan Wikander, had intensive meetings with several managers at the St. Petersburg Government and Legislative Assembly. He also met with hospital directors from leading city hospitals and federal hospitals.

There is an interest of reformation of the Russian health care system and the interest is also in the different governmental institutions.
The Health Care delegation went through several topics regarding financial solutions for health care where private Russian participants were very engaged in discussing their relationship to the government. The conclusion of the meeting is that both private and public health care want to have a closer and better relationship in the future where collaboration is more beneficial.

Scandinavian Quality Care believes that private and public interest will benefit most if, with clear goals from the government, they find ways to collaborate. Sweden has a long and extended experience in private and public health care cooperation with good result. Even though there have been doubts there is no one that believes it would be more beneficial to go back today. Russia can take several steps forward and save both time, money and lives by learning from Scandinavian experience.

Stockholm days in St Petersburg October 2009

Health Care 27th of October. Venue: Smolny

Private and Public Health Care Seminar and Workshop 


Welcome and Introduction

Vladimir Zholobov, Public Health Committee St Petersburg
Sören Berg, Stockholm County Council


Private and Public Health Care Structure

St Petersburg : Elena Tarasova, PHC St Petersburg  
Stockholm-Mälarregion   Stefan Strandfeldt Health Department, SCC

14-00 Early Intervention a successful example of Private-Public Partnership in the Healthcare field
14-30 Problems of liaison between private and public medical establishments from the point of view of private medicine
15-00 Lunch
15-45 Round table discussion “Development of liaison between Private  and  Public Health Care in  St Petersburg”


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